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The perfect home for your media.

Enjoy super-cheap storage for your media files, completely under your control. SiaStream uses next-gen cloud storage technology to provide fast streaming at the lowest costs. Optimized for Plex.

Meet SiaStream

True Cloud Freedom

Replace your existing storage solution for your media files. Store up to 35 TB on SiaStream, mount as a FUSE drive, and stream files directly to your Plex or other media software.

SiaStream is the first cloud streaming solution that is fully under your control. Never again worry about being deplatformed.

Encrypted, Redundant, Secure

Next-Gen Cloud Storage

SiaStream uses the Sia network, a next-gen cloud storage network that splits up your data, encrypts it, and stores it on a worldwide network of providers.

Sia is completely decentralized, meaning there are no signups, no servers, and no trusted third parties. Your files are private and under your control.

Sia Network
Per Month at 3x Redundancy.
SiaStream uses the Sia marketplace, storage prices can sometimes temporarily exceed $3.99/TB/month.
Ultra Competitive Pricing

Marketplace Magic

Sia is a global marketplace for cloud storage, where providers compete for your business. This means better price efficiency, resulting in lower storage costs than any other competing service-provider – by an order of magnitude.

always open source.